Larrysmusings or Larry’s lies?

Just when I thought that the bloggers who need a “safe space” on WordPress couldn’t get any worse, I had the misfortune to bump into a blogger by the name of larrysmusings. He can be contacted here  and the blog in question is here:

In our little exchange I wrote a scriptural rebuttal, or polemic as it were, that refuted some of Larry’s beliefs.  The very instant I did that, I noticed that my third comment, which has now been conveniently deleted by Larry, was put into moderation, whereas previously comments by me were not moderated on his blog, and they were allowed through.

But it appears that as soon as I got the upper hand and proved from scripture that my position was correct (by the way, it was done with politeness!), Larry got defensive and blocked me.  Men like Larry cannot handle criticism of any kind, NONE, they simply are not able to be corrected with the word of God….Like I’ve said before these bloggers appear to be cowards, harsh words maybe, but what other conclusion can I come to?


Larry’s sinful behavior gets worse though…In order to hide from his readers the context of our exchange, he allowed a comment by me to stand which I had posted,  that because of his recent behavior of deleting comments I’m unsubscribing from his blog, but what he does next is,  he removes the comment that was written _Prior to that one_ just before Larry’s last comment to me, which by deleting  gives his viewers the impression, that i’m an angry blogger, who in a fit of rage decided to unsub someone for no reason!!

By deliberately concealing the truth, and the context of my original comments, Larry has shown us that not only did he act cowardly, he is a false accuser by omitting the truth

Here is my comment that Larry doesn’t want you to see:



I find it quite sad that as soon as I posted irrefutable evidence for my position, you decide to censor it by deleting it altogether. You were too embarrassed that others might come in here and see your position being refuted, so you took the cowardly way out and deleted my comment from ever appearing on your blog in the first place. (I’m talking about the very last comment I posted, which you conveniently blocked)

It’s ok, I suspected you would do that, as soon as you refused to actually deal with the points I raised….WordPress is filled with cowards, you people literally infest WordPress, the defining traits are an absolute refusal to take criticism of any kind…..all you want to do is have a platform where you can spew your garbage to the world, and live in an echo chamber where you’re not accountable to anyone for your words. All you’ve done is prove that I was right in what I said in my blogs about content creators on WordPress are nothing but gutless cowards

The Lord has seen your actions Larry….you can hide it from your blog, but your sin was seen by the Lord

Are you even a Christian? I’m being serious, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior and repented of your sins, and trusting in his shed blood to atone for your sins?

I question any man’s salvation when they show such despicable character traits in hiding the truth as you did

You would do well to heed the scriptures here:

Pro_10:17 He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth.

Pro_12:1 Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish.

Pro_15:5 A fool despiseth his father’s instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent.

Pro_15:10 Correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way: and he that hateth reproof shall die.


Of course Larry doesn’t want his readers to see THAT comment, because it shows the context of what was previously written

Larry you lied by omission, how about you man up, take responsibility for your lie and confess them on your blog as to what really happened, and issue an apology to me

Somehow I think I will be waiting for a very long time before that happens!



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