WordPress Bloggers are all Cowards

Those who frequent my site here know that I have a very strict open policy where ALL comments are welcome, even from my haters. I do not ban people and I do not delete comments

Those who do so in my opinion are displaying a type of cowardice that I find hard to understand, but it appears to be because they want a platform where they can spread their particular brand of ideology, without fear of censure, or anyone coming in and critiquing them.

You see, darkness hates the light and does not wish to be exposed, so it hides, and it seems WordPress might be THE perfect platform available to encourage “darkness”.

I have had my suspicions for awhile now, but I have just had it confirmed to me, on another blog that I just visited. It appears that the rabbit hole of closing ranks on WordPress is deeper than I thought. It now appears that most bloggers on WordPress I come across act like COWARDS, there doesn’t appear to be one blogger who has an open policy like me, they ALL super moderate their blogs, and they DO NOT allow any comments on their threads, because it sits in moderation where it either 1: never sees the light of day, and 2: is scrutinized with an electron microscope to see if the comments match EXACTLY the ideology of the blogger, if it doesn’t then it stays gone forever.

There seems to be NO exceptions, everyone who uses WordPress practices what I term “super moderation”, . I have already exposed bloggers like Dalrock, but it seems I was unfair to him, because It’s not just him, it’s actually EVERYONE in here!

For this reason this will probably be my last post, as to stay in such a toxic environment is not good for my spirit. I can’t stand those who are afraid of friendly criticism, those who moderate their blogs are employing the same tactics as our SJW friends! In fact I will go as far as saying that those who super moderate their blogs, and refuse to allow others to comment, are in fact very CULTISH, yes I said it, they are actually a cult, because if there’s 1 thing that defines a cult mindset, is the absolute fear that they will be exposed by others, using the word of God, or facts, or reason, so they preemptively strike first by disabling comments, blocking others from commenting, or their heavy use of censorship

Goodbye WordPress, all you’re doing is encouraging cultists and cry babies to remain in their safe spaces in here, where they can vomit up their garbage without the fear of being exposed. It’s an echo chamber of titanic proportions, that feeds their delusions, and I want no part of it


28 thoughts on “WordPress Bloggers are all Cowards

  1. “I have no idea who Jason Dalrock is”

    I never said his name was Jason….Was that a slip of the tongue?

    “but at least he doesn’t hide his identity”

    You’re either lying or ignorant. Dalrock is famous for concealing his identity, so much so that Warhorn Media took him to task on it, Dalrock has NO gmail, NO Twitter, NO Facebook, NO YouTube, NO Instagram, NO LinkedIn etc, it is impossible to contact the guy

    Go to the contact section of my blog here on WordPress and you will see links to contact me….also, anyone can just ask me on one of my articles like this one.


    1. Ignorant, not lying. If you search for his blog, which I did, the 2nd google result shows, “Most likely, Jason, Dalrock…” I misread this and assumed it was talking about a person. So, other than a guy who has a blog I really don’t know who he is, but if Warhorn Media is attacking him then he can’t be all bad.

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      1. My apologies for accusing you of lying
        Dalrock is quite complex, 99% of what he has to say is spot on and awesome, It’s NOT his content we object to, it’s his super moderation of his blog, and his concealing his identity


    1. What the hell are you talking about? I’m not anonymous at all you filthy liar. I have an open policy in here where I do not block people or ban them, I have a contact email address, and I can be found on Facebook and YouTube and Instagram, which is MORE than I can say for your cucked, cowardly Dalrock


      1. really? so your real name is?

        having multiple platforms isn’t the same as being transparent. I have no idea who Jason Dalrock is, but at least he doesn’t hide his identity.

        how do we find you on the platforms you’ve listed above? searching for “Necron 48” brings up a lot of gamer stuff.


  2. necron,

    insanitybytes said: “Observe the fact that you are actually commenting here, whereas Dalrock allows no opposition at all and bans everyone but his loyalist sycophants.”

    necron48 said: “The very fact that we ALL can post in your blog here, and find you in Facebook and Twitter proves conclusively that you’re accountable, unlike the weasel coward Dalrock”

    We discussed this previously at length, and I am sorely disappointed that you have either forgotten or still do not seem to understand how InsanityBytes operates on her blog.

    InsanityBytes’ statement that I am “actually commenting here” is quite the half-truth and definitely NOT in line with your belief in freedom of uncensored communication. She has my comments moderated on her blog, meaning that she only allows through my comments as she wishes, and has, in fact, deleted some of my comments. I fail to see how that is significantly different from what you say is Dalrock’s behavior.

    Now, either you truly believe in uncensored commenting or you don’t. If you do, then quit being so ignorant and lauding insanitybytes for what you suppose to be her true behavior, when, in fact, you are effectively being the equivalent to a “loyalist sycophant” of hers. And, if you don’t truly believe in uncensored commenting, then quit preaching about it.

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    1. I understand what you’re saying but all I got to go on is her word against yours, how do I know she is moderating your comments?

      At least Insanitybytes allows you to comment which is more than I can say from that vile, despicable coward Dalrock
      I decided to do an experiment just recently in fact where I used an Alt account and I went to Dalrock’s most recent blog and I praised him, agreed with him, in fact I became a total kiss ass sycophant…. My comment never showed up and it never will, and before you object, there’s no way Dalrock could have known it was me, YET the gutless faggot still was scared to publish my comment

      Like I’ve said elsewhere, Dalrock needs to be taken down, he is an evil man that refuses to come under the protection of a church or ministry, or a pastor or an elder and he lives a lie by NOT being transparent, and living in complete anonymity
      As far as I’m concerned, these are NOT the hallmarks of a believer in Christ
      Say what you may against Insanitybytes, at least she makes herself accountable to her readers because if she blocks you in here, you can confront her at her Facebook page or Twitter page

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      1. See this image: example showing my comment in moderation before it was approved. Is that proof enough? It’s so disappointing that you would believe that woman rather than me, but I suppose you don’t know her like I do.

        “At least Insanitybytes allows you to comment….”

        Sure, she lets me comment … when it suits her fancy. What part of this do you not understand? She is censoring my comments. Are you opposed to censorship of comments or not? If you are adamantly opposed, then quit covering for her censorship!

        ” you can confront her at her Facebook page or Twitter page “. Are you not aware that you can block people on both Facebook and Twitter, which is effectively censorship? So, maybe for a while, but I would expect InsanityBytes to block me as soon as she figured it out.

        Now I cannot explain your experience with Dalrock, but he’s not the focus of what I’m talking about. You can believe it or not, but I think Dalrock blocked InsanityBytes a long time ago, and it’s quite clear that she despises him generally. I strongly suspect that she greatly enjoys seeing your complaints about him. So, of course, she’s not going to moderate you. But if you were to change your tune, I think you’d find that she would show her true colors (and they aren’t what you think they are).

        “Like I’ve said elsewhere, Dalrock needs to be taken down, he is an evil man that refuses to come under the protection of a church or ministry, or a pastor or an elder and he lives a lie by NOT being transparent, and living in complete anonymity.”

        Have you been listening to the idiots at Warhorn Media? That sounds like an exact quote. Since you bring up the question, in what way does InsanityBytes’ blog come under the protection of a church or ministry, or a pastor or an elder? I see nothing on her blog to that effect. If you think it it is, then what proof do you have? I have asked this general question and have never gotten an answer, suggesting to me that it is highly unlikely that any of the above authorities are keeping tabs on her blog to make sure it is acceptable. By the way, if InsanityBytes is not concerned about anonymity, why doesn’t she just go ahead and sign her name to her posts, and put it in her “About” page? Do you know her real name? Oh, and did InsanityBytes want to reveal her true identity, or was it that she was not able to remain anonymous? There’s a big difference. Or, put another way, is InsanityBytes being “transparent”?

        “there’s no way Dalrock could have known it was me”

        Are you sure? I know that WordPress allows the owner to ban by IP address. Perhaps if you used a different “alt” address and commented from another location, for example, a library or friend’s house, it might get through.


      2. You make some good points and for the most part I agree with you
        I know you won’t like my answer bit I guess it’s all about degrees…. Insanitybytes might very well censor /and or moderate your comments BUT she is a lot more relaxed about it than Dalrock. For e.g whether you get blocked by her or not seems to be dependent on her mood or how close your comment comes to violating the TOS, which seems to result in your comments having a 60 % chance of being published, whereas when you’re dealing with Dalrock, that percentage drops to less than 0.5% chance that your comment will never be seen

        Also it doesn’t matter whether Insanitybytes can ALSO block you on her Facebook page if you upset her in here, because at least you have that option, whereas with Dalrock you have NO OTHER RECOURSE, as he simply doesn’t exist outside of this place which proves my point about him not being accountable to anyone


    2. You seem like a good man OKRickety. I have a feeling that if I commented on your blog that you wouldn’t censor me or block my comments from appearing in the first place
      The reason we get so upset with Dalrock is because we spend a lot of time writing out thoughtful and insightful comments only to realize after hitting the “send” button that we’ve just mistakenly condemned our words to oblivion because they will never show up, we’ve lost them for good based on a gutless mangina called Dalrock who is not open to be reproved by the word of God
      What compounds our frustration is that a lot of what Dalrock says is 100 % spot on, he has a keen grasp of the evils of feminism and gynocentrism and I won’t take that away from him


      1. necron,

        I think the default on all WordPress blogs is to put comments into moderation until the owner allows the specific comment or the commenter in general. I am not personally opposed to some degree of moderation as I would not want a deluge of spam, nor would I want to allow complete freedom to those who would abuse it. So, it’s entirely possible that you would not be happy with how I would operate my blog.

        “Dalrock who is not open to be reproved by the word of God”

        That’s an extremely strong statement. I have had a number of stated, sometimes strongly, disagreements with Dalrock. But, overall, I am not certain I think he would refuse to be reproved by the word of God. By the way, I have tried to reprove InsanityBytes with the word of God, and she has blatantly refused to accept reproval and responded with hostility. I don’t see that behavior with Dalrock. (And another reminder: InsanityBytes has also been blocked by Douglas Wilson, so I find her unhappiness with him to be absolutely typical of her behavior. In that light, I find her post title “Hell Hath No Fury” to be apropos.)


      2. @OKRickety

        “I am not certain I think he would refuse to be reproved by the word of God.”

        Would he be open to the process of Matthew 18:15-20?

        Let’s say he was confronted by the word and refused to privately resolve it with you, Then you brought three witnesses and he still refused to resolve it with you. Would he then be willing to go before the church for judgment?

        There is no way to contact Dalrock privately. You can’t even do the first step with him because he is anonymous and he has no published contact information. You can’t do the second step for the same reason. Moreover, you can’t do the last step with him because no church is aware of his identity and he refuses to reveal himself.

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      3. Nailed it!!

        This is precisely my point….Thank you Derek, you have a way of explaining things better than me
        At every stage of the process, Dalrock is able to stop the flow of accountability by essentially locking everyone out

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  3. I use WordPress (the software), but I am not on WordPress (the host). This is an important distinction. I self-host, so if WordPress wants to block me, at best it can revoke my WordPress credentials. Big deal.

    Dalrock does not self-host. He does this, most likely, so no one can physically trace him because he’s terrified of being found out in real life. He probably uses anonymizers and VPNs to mask his traffic to wordpress.com. As a result, he caves to the required rules of feminism, lest he be taken offline:

    “I referred to a famous crossdressing man. I’ve changed those references to generic terms given the WordPress rules on “deadnaming”.”

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    1. Lol in other words is a mangina like I’ve always suspected 😂
      Thanks for your comment Derek……unlike Dalrock, I will NEVER moderate my blogs or the comments, everything is allowed even those who wish to abuse me because I will never become like the libtard leftist idiots out there who are against free speech

      I think Dalrock puts a lot of good articles out there, which us in the manosphere can learn from…..it’s such a crying shame he’s too much of a coward to take his hand off moderation that’s just my opinion though


  4. I think you’re assuming censorship when it’s just as likely that you’re getting caught in WordPress’ spam filters.

    Remember when I was blocked from commenting here on this blog? I’m sure that’s all it was.

    WordPress’ spam filters are pretty aggressive, but they do stop the bad apples who will show up trying to sell us timeshares and beg for money for Nigerian princes to escape prosecution (after which they’ll surely share their millions with ya’, out of gratitude, and all that.)


    1. @Boxer

      ____”Remember when I was blocked from commenting here on this blog?_____

      Wrong!, you were never “blocked”
      Blocked implies a deliberate, premeditated act on my part to censor/exclude your comments, which was never the case
      If you ever get around to looking at your email, you will see that I’ve been trying to POST on your threads for 2 days now, with no success until just now….funny how it immediately happened only after you thought you were blocked by me, but I’ll let that go and assume it’s WordPress and it’s highly aggressive spam filters.

      _____”I think you’re assuming censorship_____

      No, I’m not assuming anything, in a blind panic, I posted like a mad man for 2 days on everyone’s blogs that I’m subscribed to and nothing got through, and it looked like I had been systematically blocked, also, for fun, I made posts on other people’s blogs in here, and ALL of them had me in moderation……and here’s the kicker, NOT ONE of them took me out of moderation, even days later

      I stand by my convictions, nearly everyone in WordPress is a gutless coward, who make channels so they can sit in their safe space echo chamber, where they can vomit up their drivel without fear of censure or allowing others to critique them or their beliefs. The most vile cowards being Dalrock, and 99.999% of ALL Christians in here
      You seemed to be the ONLY exception Boxer, (and also a guy called Michael) where you/they never kept me in moderation at all, which I appreciate

      Also, you may be right about how retardedly aggressive WordPress spam filters really are, they are insane!

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      1. Also, you may be right about how retardedly aggressive WordPress spam filters really are, they are insane!

        I just dug three different messages out of my spam filters.

        I only block people who post gay porn and other meaningless comments. You’re one of my best poasters.

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  5. Hmm … I guess I am the exception that proves this is a lie: “Every single blogger on WordPress I have ever come across is a COWARD, there is not one blogger who has an open policy like me, they ALL super moderate their blogs, and they DO NOT allow any comments on their threads, as it sits in moderation where it either 1: never sees the light of day, and 2: is scrutinized with an electron microscope to see if the comments match EXACTLY the ideology of the blogger.”

    I also know others who are the same. Why do you say this when it isn’t true?

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    1. I guess you are the 1 exception then
      I don’t know whether it is my bad luck, or what, but every person I’ve subscribed to and support, and every single Christian blog on WordPress that I’ve ever come across, super moderates their blogs, and blocks and bans comments

      You are the first I have ever come across that doesn’t do this despicable practice……Though I actually haven’t gone to your WordPress blog yet and tested my hypothesis yet! lol

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      1. So you are aware, I approve all comments. WordPress however sets it up that before a comment appears:

        1. Comment must be manually approved. (I don’t do that)


        2. Comment author must have a previously approved comment (that is the option I use)

        So … WordPress forces me to approve at least one comment and then after that, you are good to go.

        I do know some choose the 1st option which is frustrating.

        Others do as I do and choose option 2. In that option, you may experience a delay the first time but not after that.

        Hope that helps.

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    2. Nope I’m right!!
      Just left a comment on your WordPress blog, and it instantly came up with “your comment is awaiting moderation”

      Like I said, EVERYONE does it, without 1 exception……To hold things in moderation is in my opinion, a cowardly form of censorship, where they can control what can and cannot be said

      Nope I’m wrong, as Michael has so patiently shown me

      Now I’m caught in my own trap, of needing to delete my comment here because it’s plainly wrong, without coming under my judgment of believing in “no deleting, no banning” damn it!


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