Dalrock’s Blunder

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Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

(This is a continuation of my series exposing Dalrock)


Truly, one of the most hilarious things to see is Dalrock flip flop, prevaricate, back track, deny, and fumble when it comes to his model of biblical patriarchy when it clashes head on with an ideology that meets it head on and then goes beyond it. See https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2018/12/05/challenge-not-accepted/

The woman hating blogger known as Dalrock is well known for his misogynistic views towards women, as he spends 24/7 doing thread after thread detailing the apparent “evils” of women, while he laments how bad society has become for abandoning it’s traditional slave role for women. His view is opposed to the egalitarian and complementarianism view of the gender roles. To sum it up, Dalrock and his followers believe that women are the cause of all evil on this planet and that if we only went back to the model of man rules/women submit, then everything will be alright. Since, according to Dalrock, that all women are in a state of rebellion towards male authority, especially that of her husband, then it follows that when women go astray then it’s the woman’s fault for not listening to man/husband

This is because Dalrock believes that women are meant to be in subjection to male authority, and treated as virtual slaves with no rights at all. But you see, this is where Dalrock ran into a huge conundrum! A Christian blogger known as Pastor Wilson, has correctly identified that if man is to be head of the woman, then that entails that he is responsible for her actions as well. It is a concept known as Federal Headship. As one peruses Dalrock’s blogs you can almost hear him go “whoa, whoa, now hang on a minute” when confronted with this striking truth. You see, for Dalrock, it is WOMEN who are responsible for their actions, as he wallows in his red pilled rhetoric, women bad/men good

Dalrock has finally been confronted with the brutal flaws of his ideology, on the one hand he wants women to go back to being slaves of their husbands, and become obedient, submissive wives, but he doesn’t want to take any responsibility for their actions, he still wants a platform where he can assume power/control and headship over women, whilst keeping his distance for when women err from the truth, or “sin”!! In other words, he wants a situation where he takes NO responsibility at all for the power he holds over her/them

Sorry to break it down for you Dalrock, it doesn’t work that way, “with much power, comes much responsibility” .  Stop being a cuck, part of being a man is taking responsibility and not blame women for every thing that goes wrong


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