Wordpress Bloggers are all Cowards

Those who frequent my site here know that I have a very strict open policy where ALL comments are welcome, even from my haters. I do not ban people and I do not delete comments

Those who do so in my opinion are the most despicable type of coward that I know, because they want a platform where they can vomit up their particular brand of drivel, without fear of censure, or anyone coming in and critiquing them

You see, darkness hates the light and does not wish to be exposed, so it hides, and it seems WordPress might be THE perfect platform available to encourage “darkness”.

I have had my suspicions for awhile now, but I have just had it confirmed to me. Every single blogger on WordPress I have ever come across is a COWARD, there is not one blogger who has an open policy like me, they ALL super moderate their blogs, and they DO NOT allow any comments on their threads, as it sits in moderation where it either 1: never sees the light of day, and 2: is scrutinized with an electron microscope to see if the comments match EXACTLY the ideology of the blogger

There are NO exceptions, everyone who uses WordPress is a blatant coward. I have already exposed cry babies like Dalrock, but it seems I was unfair to him, because It’s not just him, it’s actually EVERYONE in here!

For this reason this will probably be my last post, as to stay in such a toxic environment is not good for my spirit. I can’t stand cowards, those who moderate their blogs are nothing but the grossest e.g’s of simpering cowards I can think of…In fact I will go as far as saying that those who moderate their blogs, and refuse to allow others to comment, are in fact a CULT, yes I said it, they are actually a cult, because if there’s 1 thing that defines a cult mindset, is the absolute fear that they will be exposed by others, using the word of God, or facts, or reason, so they preemptively strike first by disabling comments, blocking others from commenting, or their heavy use of censorship

Goodbye WordPress, all you’re doing is encouraging cultists and cry babies to remain in their safe spaces in here, where they can vomit up their garbage without the fear of being exposed. It’s an echo chamber of titanic proportions, that feeds their delusions, and I want no part of it


Dalrock the closet Catholic in disguise

I always used to wonder why the blogger Dalrock was silent when the frequent celibate Catholics who infest his site, used to make comments that defended “mother church”

As a born again believer in Christ, I found it extremely offensive and downright disgusting why Dalrock never pulled up the outright doctrinal errors being promulgated on his site, or why he never challenged them when they were going off on their little pro Catholic rants defending mariolatry, Eucharist, salvation by works, enforced celibacy, etc


Now I know why……It’s because Dalrock is a Roman Catholic!! so of course he allows Catholics to post on his blog, why wouldn’t he, he is one of them. The insidious thing though, is that Dalrock doesn’t come out and confess that he is a Catholic, he sneakily hides that fact, in order to not scare off his Protestant supporters

This wicked undermining of the faith once delivered unto the saints Jude 1:3 is why we have to be extra diligent to watch out for subversives like Dalrock who have wormed their way into blogs and Christian sites, in order to contend for the faith and defend it against the blasphemous harlotry of the Roman Catholics with their mariolatry, their teaching that salvation is by works, popery, the blasphemous of the Eucharist, the doctrine of Devils by promoting celibacy etc etc

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Dalrock’s Blunder

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(This will be a continuation of my series exposing Dalrock: In it my views on the gender roles will not be outlined as being either pro complimentary or against it until after the series is done)


Truly, one of the most hilarious things to see is Dalrock flip flop, prevaricate, back track, deny, and fumble when it comes to his model of biblical patriarchy when it clashes head on with an ideology that meets it head on and then goes beyond it. See https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2018/12/05/challenge-not-accepted/

The woman hating blogger known as Dalrock is well known for his misogynistic and hateful views towards women, as he spends 24/7 doing thread after thread detailing the apparent “evils” of women, while he laments how bad society has become for abandoning it’s traditional slave role for women. His view is opposed to the egalitarian and complementarianism view of the gender roles. To sum it up, Dalrock and his deluded brainwashed sycophants believe that women are the cause of all evil on this planet and that if we only went back to the model of man rules/women submit, then everything will be alright. Since, according to Dalrock, that all women are in a state of rebellion towards male authority, especially that of her husband, then it follows that when women go astray then it’s the woman’s fault for not listening to man/husband

This is because Dalrock believes that women are meant to be in subjection to male authority, and treated as virtual slaves with no rights at all. But you see, this is where Dalrock ran into a huge conundrum! A Christian blogger known as Pastor Wilson, has correctly identified that if man is to be head of the woman, then that entails that he is responsible for her actions as well. It is a concept known as Federal Headship. As one peruses Dalrock’s blogs you can almost hear him go “whoa, whoa, now hang on a minute” when confronted with this striking truth. You see, for Dalrock, it is WOMEN who are responsible for their actions, as he wallows in his red pilled rhetoric, women bad/men good

Dalrock has finally been confronted with the brutal flaws of his ideology, on the one hand he wants women to go back to being slaves of their husbands, and become obedient, submissive wives, but he doesn’t want to take any responsibility for their actions, he still wants a platform where he can assume power/control and headship over women, whilst keeping his distance for when women err from the truth, or “sin”!! In other words, he wants a situation where he takes NO responsibility at all for the power he holds over her/them

Sorry to break it down for you Dalrock, it doesn’t work that way, “with much power, comes much responsibility”  stop being a cuck, part of being a man is taking responsibility and not blame women for every Goddamn thing that goes wrong

Dalrock exposed!

The anti-woman blogger known as Dalrock is well known for his hateful rhetoric and misogynistic views, but what distinguishes him more than anything else, is his ultra heavy handed moderation of his site

Nothing gets through at all if you post, UNLESS you are 1 of his deluded followers, and even then you must prove yourself through many months of agreeing with him before he dares allows your comments to be posted

What causes this behavior? Plain and simple it is cowardice, and the wish to promulgate your ideology unhindered, and without anyone critiquing it. Do you know what another group shares that same stance?, our leftist SJW’s who are petrified of their retarded views being challenged. The very fact that Dalrock uses the same tactics as the SJW’s is proof to me that he is following a very slick agenda, and he doesn’t want to have his views be exposed. Dalrock has all the hallmarks of a cult

I posted this comment on 1 of his ramblings (link follows) but unfortunately it will never see the light of day as Dalrock is too much of a faggot coward:

“I made an effort to read Wilson’s blog piece: “Take me instead” and this is the conclusion I have come to.
You’re both wrong, Wilson is dead wrong and so is Dalrock:

I was so thoroughly disgusted with what Wilson was saying in “Take me instead” that it was an actual effort to read the entire thing. Wilson is either completely deceived, or he is perhaps THE most dangerous wolf in sheep’s clothing I have ever seen. The damage that is done, and will be done, by Wilson’s false teaching will have very far reaching ramifications, as husbands beat themselves up, trying to take responsibility for their wife’s sins, when no such action is required by God
Women are responsible for their own sins, it is not the husband’s role to take on board guilt, blame or responsibility when his wife sins. Wilson’s beliefs is actually very misogynistic as it reduces women to be mere automatons who have no accountability or responsibility because it’s a man’s fault if she errs from the truth, as he should be watching her or loving her “properly”
Wilson’s retarded notion that Adam should have offered to God to sacrifice himself for Eve’s sin is pure Satanic garbage and virtue signalling

If all this is true of Wilson, then why is Dalrock wrong?
Dalrock is wrong because on the one hand he offers to debate Wilson/and or his deluded followers, YET his ultra strict, heavy handed moderation, and only allowing people on his blog if they agree with him, forever bars his detractors a forum in which to do so, this is hypocrisy at it’s finest
Dalrock is so well known in the blogosphere for his ridiculous censorship and insta banning those that disagree with him, that it’s actually a badge of honor now to be known as “DALROCK BANNED”. I’m not kidding!

Knowing full well your cowardly practice of employing the strictest form of moderation I have ever seen, I doubt Dalrock you will even see this comment of mine, as it will no doubt sit in your spam folder, or sit in moderation for weeks before you actually have the courage to look at it, let alone to post it, heaven forbid!

But on the rare occasion you are reading this Dalrock, you should know that to employ the exact same tactics as the SJW’s and leftist retards out there, makes you not only a coward who wishes to live in a echo chamber where you can circle jerk with your followers, beating out the same rhetoric day after day with no one opposing you, it also makes you a misguided fool who thinks he is above criticism

Go on be a man, Dalrock, come out from hiding and debate us……We promise to be respectful in your blog here

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Do you know what Wilson means when he said that people go the “Dalrock route”? It means to be a coward, hiding away from the world, taking pot shots at how evil women are in blogs, but never manning up and taking responsibility as a man for his own actions, whilst smugly sitting and censoring anyone who disagrees with him. That my friend is what it means to go the Dalrock route, because you are so well known now in the blogosphere for being such a coward, that to be DALROCK BANNED is now a badge of honor

Game over Dalrock, you have been laid in the balance and art found wanting: Daniel 5:27″



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